Certification of Senior Risk Assessors, Equipment track
Certification starts
  • December 21.2009, Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Science
    (Sekretarijat Departmana za energetiku i procesnu tehniku, prostorija 06, Blok F - stari pravni)
  • December 22, 2009, Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, room 514.
Deadline for application is December 11, 2009.

Please while applying use your login credentials! If you have forgotten, please write an email to the ESPRiT team.

Candidates for Senior Assessor, both tracks, have to fulfill criteria as specified on the official project site, under the page Education and training / Professional qualification.

Fulfillment of additional requirements candidates have to justify during oral exam by presenting the projects where they were involved
Candidates which were not already involved in appropriate type of the project, have to prepare presentation of two problems in the concerned field (HSE or Equipment) and possible solutions of the problems.

For participants of ESPRiT courses which are going to attend courses in the second round, additional term for certification will be settled.

Registration deadline expired.