ESPRiT Train the trainers, First round July 13, 2009
This is the first instance of ESPRiT Train the trainers course. The course has the aim to train future ESPRiT trainers for the following courses.

  • Course # 1: INTRO Introduction to Risk and Safety Management in Industry
  • Course # 2: PETROL Risk Analysis in Chemical / Petroleum Industries
  • Course # 3: POWER Risk Analysis in Power Industries
  • Course # 4a: RBI PETROL Risk Based Inspection - Petrol
  • Course # 4b: RBI POWER Risk Based Inspection - Power
  • Course # 5: RCM and RCFA Reliability Centered Maintenance and Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Course # 6: HSE and HSSE Health, Safety, Security and Environment
  • Course # 7: CoF Accident and Consequence Modeling
  • Course # 8: FIRE Fire protection
  • Course # 10: REACH Risk analysis of chemicals
  • Course # 11: ADR Transport of dangerous materials
  • Course # 12: OSHA Occupational Safety and Health
  • Course # 13, BUSINESS Business continuity risks & Insurance

The course will teach training methodology thus the participants who will successfully pass the final exam, will become a part of ESPRiT trainers pool.

All ESPRiT courses participants and experts having adequate knowledge in the certain fields complying with ESPRiT topics have right to apply for this specialized course. Each application will be considered and applicant timely notified about status of his application.

While applying for the course please use your login credentials if you are already a member of the site.
In the field Comment of the application form, notify number of the course you are applying for.

Date: July 13, 2009
Place: Novi Sad
Venue: Refinery Novi Sad, Put šajkaškog odreda 4, Gate No. 2, room Odrzavanje
Registration deadline: July 7, 2009
See program of the course.

Registration deadline expired.